Three Team Magic E4RS III Plus on the podium at the last round of French Nationals at Thionville !

Last round of French Nationals was held at Thionville, north of France, during the last week-end.

In Modified Category, the Team Magic drivers was impressive all the week-end, but Lucas Urbain, who made many training on this track, was simply uncatchable, with 4 TQ runs. Rémi Callens was also impressive and obtained the second place on the grid with a TQ in Q5, followed by Thomas Vigneron in third and Cyril N’Diaye in fourth… the three Team Magic boys in 2/3/4; it’s simply fantastic.


During the finales, Lucas Urbain conserved his first position, followed by Rémi Callens et Cyril N’Diaye while Thomas Vigneron has some troubles and let Alexandre Laurent (4) and Manuel Wagner (5) to finish in front of him (6); but this result was enough for Thomas to obtain the french national title !


GREAT JOB guys !!

In 10.5 Category, TM drivers Jeremy Clavey and Mathieu Picaudé obtained their places in the A-main, while Yoann Bukowski and Christophe Loget reached the B-main.

TQ was obtained by Alexandre Duchet, who simply made the 5 TQ ! Behind him, Michael Jasmin in second place and Pierre Delorme in third.


In finales, Alexandre Duchet cofirmed his domination by winning the two first runs, while Michael Jasmin and Pierre Delorme maintained their second and third positions. Alexandre Kunkler in fourth, and Mathieu Picaudé in a very nice 5th place, while his teammate Jeremy Clavey had some clashes and finished only 10.

In 13.5 Category, the battle was hard for the pole position between Sebastien Gibert (2TQ runs), Hai Long Tran (2 TQ) and the young Briac Berthoud (1 TQ), who started the finales in this order.


During the finales, Briac Berthoud find a way to pass his competitors and won the first and third run of finales. Hai Long Tran conserved his second position, and Sebastien Gibert finished third.

Overall Result – Modified Category:
1. Lucas Urbain
2. Remi Callens – Team Magic E4RS III Plus / HRC Racing
3. Cyril N Diaye – Team Magic E4RS III Plus / HRC Racing
4. Alexandre Laurent
5. Manuel Wagner
6. Thomas Vigneron – Team Magic E4RS III Plus / HRC Racing
7. Maxime Favrelle
8. Jonathan Gergen
9. Hugo Ragaut
10. Jeremy Limoges
11. Jean-Michel Varinard

Overall Result – 10.5 Category:
1. Alexandre Duchet
2. Michael Jasmin
3. Pierre Delorme
4. Alexandre Kunkler
5. Mathieu Picaude – Team Magic E4RS III Plus / HRC Racing
6. Steve Favrelle
7. Yannis Faivre
8. Julien Jost
9. Jeremy Delalondre
10. Jeremy Clavey – Team Magic E4RS III Plus / HRC Racing
11. Anthony Rollier
12. Jean-Pierre Rabbe
13. Yoann Bukowski – Team Magic E4RS III Plus / HRC Racing
14. Mathias Rascol
15. Renaud Brusselle
16. Eric Sautereau
17. Christophe Loget – Team Magic E4RS III Plus / HRC Racing
18. Frederic Vallejo
19. Kevin Thomassin
20. Olivier Pierrat
21. Herve Becet
22. Jean-Michel Ajdnik
23. Laurent Desperries
24. Pierre Monti
25. Christophe Lefebvre

Overall Result – 13.5 Category:
1. Briac Berthoud
2. Hai Long Tran – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
3. Sebastien Gibert
4. Michael Ribault
5. Eugene Orer
6. Gilles Hendrickx
7. Steivan Tarreau
8. Jeremy Ribault
9. Philippe Nemec
10. Yann Petit
11. Dryss Faivre
12. Yannick Pasquier
13. Romain Sansano – Team Magic E4RS III Plus

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