Team Magic Europe as department of HRC Distribution

HRC Distribution is working with Team Magic Model Industrial Co. Ltd. (Team Magic Taïwan) since more than 7 years.

During the years, the collaboration between HRC and Team Magic has been intensified and consolidated:

  • We make since 2010 a common stand HRC / Team Magic at the Nuremberg Toy Fair.
  • Since 2012, HRC participate actively to the creation and development of several models. The E4RS II, E4RS II Evo, E4JS II and E4JR III have been created by Team Magic with the technical advices of HRC; then the E4RS III and E4RS III+ models have been entirely defined by HRC, and we have many more projects to achieve.
  • Since 4 years, Team Magic creates some models specifically for the Europe (colours and body choice) under requests of HRC.
  • Since 2014, HRC manages the Team Magic drivers for the whole European territory.
  • In September 2014, Team Magic gave us the exclusive distribution of its products for France, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands besides Germany and Switzerland.
  • Our stock volume never stop to increase over the years and the availability of the parts is now exemplary, with an extremely low rate of backorders (during the past two years, the rate of spare parts in stock exceeded 95% for more than 530 days, and never falls under 90%, this statistics is visible live on our website).

All this collaboration never ended to reach successes on the commercial side, and Team Magic now decided that it is time to entrust HRC the representation of its products for Europe.

Since the 28 January, HRC Distribution is authorized to introduce itself officially as Team Magic Europe.

Team Magic Europe as department of HRC Distribution

This changes nothing for the users and retailers in term of service, orders, deliveries, invoicing and also contacts; but this insures to all of us a strengthening of our position on the market, what can only be beneficial for the users.

All our products are presented on our website:

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