NEW Team Magic E4RS III Plus aluminium Fan Mounts

Team Magic and Team Magic Europe are proud to introduce the all new E4RS III Plus aluminium fan mounts, for standard 25mm, 30mm and 40mm wide fans.

507343 and 507343L

Motor temperature is something which is very important. Many drivers are using fans to prevent overeating of their motor. A good fixation is important, to avoid any risk to loose the fan during the runs, and to perfectly mount the standard 25mm, 30mm and 40mm fans, we decided to design these two special aluminium fan mounts, using existing holes of the E4RS III and E4RS III Plus chassis.

The fan mounts are machined in 7075 aluminium, and are available in two version, one for 25mm and 30mm fans, and one for the 40mm ones.


507343 – E4RS III / PLUS – Aluminum 7075 – 25mm & 30mm One-Piece Fan Mount

507343 - 2507343 - 3


507343L – E4RS III / PLUS – Aluminum 7075 – 40mm One-Piece Fan Mount

507343L - 2507343L - 3

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