Stefan Rommens / Team Magic E4RS III+ on the podium at Belgian Nationals Round 1 !

Last weekend was the second round of Belgian Nationals, also first outdoor race of the season.

Stefan Rommens / Team Magic E4RS III+ on the podium at Belgian Nationals Round 1 !

Our Belgian team drivers participated the race, where Stefan Rommens obtained a very nice third place on the podium, behind Florian Joos and Vincent Van Gansen; while his teammate Pasquinel Neys joined the A-final in 6th position, Christophe Libeer 18th, and the young Aaron Vandepoele wins his C-final.

Nice job guys !

Original Report from Stefan Rommens:

On Saturday it seemed that there was a lot of difference between the motors on the straight, we tried a lot of stuff to make the car more stiff, because that was the way it was driving the best for me. After a good night of sleep, my dad (Jannick Rommens) was up early to rebuild the car in a total different way. After testing very early, it seemed that this was a good change. Of course we still had time to switch back to the setup used during the Saturday practices, but it went great, the rebuild was a great success, good idea from the mechanic ūüôā

From that moment it was very close racing in the top of the ranking. In qualification each little mistake was punished by 4 maybe more spots on the grid. The track was very challenging to have the best line of driving, so the speed on the straight was top notch. If you made a small driving mistake in the corners before before the straight you did not have the speed to drive with the top drivers.

During the qualifications, Florian Joos obtained the pole position on the grid, followed by Vincent Van Gansen , Stefan Rommens, Peter Degrande and Christophe Charliere.

In the first finale Florian Joos drove away so Vincent Van Gansen and I battled over the second place. I did pass him after 2 minutes but 0.5 seconds before the finish Vincent Van Gansen passed me anyway and finished second after Florian Joos, so I became third.

In the second finale we drove behind each other and finished with 0.5 seconds between each car.

After two minutes of the third and last finale, I got by Vincent Van Gansen and unfortunetly Florian Joos went to short on the next curb and go in the grass; so I finished first, in front of him.

Stefan Rommens / Team Magic E4RS III+ on the podium at Belgian Nationals Round 1 !


Original Report from Lorenzo Vandepoele:

On Saturday it seemed for us that the long absence came to a very hard weekend, as all of the drivers where on there best for the first outdoor championship.

After a lot of driving, with only small adjustments on the car, Aaron was coming to have a good line, but was making small mistakes in his qualification, he came 21st just behind his teammate Chistophe Libeer 20. He was able to keep his competitor from last years junior class behind him, but we did not went to the extreme with the car settings, since this was his first race in 6 months; so we chose to set the car to be easier to drive. This resulted in a slower car. but with all the progression he made over the weekend, I was very happy to see that he still was able to keep everything together when he started his finale‚Äôs as first in the C-main with a lot of pressure. He did some awesome driving, and won the 3 finale’s

For myself, in the 17.5 class, with old batteries it was very clear that is not working, I tried to make the best I could, but it went from bad to worse when I had some transmitter problems, but we had a lot of fun with the team members, so the spirit was good !

Stefan Rommens / Team Magic E4RS III+ on the podium at Belgian Nationals Round 1 !


Overall Results – Stock:
A Р1. Florian Joos
A Р2. Vincent Van Gansen
A Р3. Stefan Rommens РTeam Magic E4RS III+
A Р4. Peter Degrande
A Р5. Christophe Charlier
A Р6. Pasquinel Neys РTeam Magic E4RS III+
A Р7. Xavier Debroye
A Р8. Niels Meurs
A Р9. Giovanni Moguez
A Р10. Milan De Gauquier
B Р11. Tokke Adams
B Р12. Roel Jongenelis
B Р13. Sonny Vandenborre
B Р14. Maxime De Gauquier
B Р15. Remco Mutsaerts
B Р16. Nick Nerrings
B Р17. Stef Verbist
B Р18. Christophe Libeer РTeam Magic E4RS III+
B Р19. Jonathan Prouvosq
B – 20. Joeri¬†D’Eer
C Р21. Aaron Vandepoele РTeam Magic E4RS III+
C Р22. Sergio Prodi
C Р23. Luc Wauters
C Р24. Mathias Van Laere
C Р25. Danny Vanbroekhoven

Overall Results – Modified:
1. Olivier Bultynck
2. Mitchell Van Es
3. Athan De Witte
4. Nicolas Delisé
5. Rico Claeys
6. Géry Ledocq
7. Liam Van De Wouwer
8. Steve Lambrechts
9. Pascal Delferiere
10. Robby Engelen

Overall Results – 17.5:
1. Alexander Van Gansen
2. Rony Claeys
3. Marc Joosens
4. Herman Van Gansen
5. Lorenzo Vandepoele РTeam Magic E4RS III+
6. Rebekka Masschelein

Overall Results – F1:
A Р1. Steve Deblaere
A Р2. Olivier Bultynck
A Р3. Patrick Jongenelis
A Р4. Florian Joos
A Р5. Frans Engelen
A Р6. Bjorn Frederickx
A Р7. Marc Martens
A Р8. Jannick Rommens
A Р9. Kris Vanbleu
A Р10. Nicolas Delisé
B Р11. Ludo Van Hoeydonck

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