Walter Pollet-Villard and Team Magic E4RS II wins three races in a row @ SITCC series !

The third round of SITCC series in Geneva saw the same scenario than the two previous races in November and December: Team Magic factory driver Walter Pollet-Villard and E4RS II obtained the pole position, and the overall victory.

Walter Pollet-Villard - Team HRC

Three races – three TQ – three wins. Congratulations to Walter !

Complete A-main Result:
1. Walter Pollet-Villard – Team Magic E4RS II / GreenRC / K Factory
2. Jean-Marc Betticher
3. Antonio Alj
4. Alexandre Amort
5. Arthur Brulé
6. Paul Franceschi
7. Bastien DeMarco
8. Joao Godinho

Material used by Walter to dominates the SITCC series:
-Team Magic E4RS II (TM507001)
-Protoform bodies
-Green RC « X style » Spur Gears
-Green RC aluminium pinion gears
-Ultimate Racing Shock Oils

Optional parts used by Walter:
-KF2202-xx Front Anti Roll Bars
-KF2203-xx Rear Anti Roll Bars
-KF2206 Belt Tensioner Set
-KF2210 Aluminium 7075 Drive Shafts (Rear)
-KF2217 Aluminium 7075 Lower Spring Mount (4)
-KF2219 Nunchaku Type driveshafts (Front)
-KF2225 Aluminium 7075 Battery Mount
-KF2228 Aluminium 7075 Front Anti-Roll Bar Mount
-KF2229 Aluminium 7075 Rear Anti-Roll Bar Mount
-KF2234 Carbon Fiber 2.5mm Upper Deck
-KF2238 Aluminium 7075 20T Pulley
-KF2243 Floating Steering Servo Mount

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